Welcome to the Omnitracs Cable selector site.

Here you will find a list of the cables available for the IVG/AMG-C, XRS Relay and Roadnet Telematics.

Choosing your cable
To begin, select the telematics device you currently use by using the images below. If you have multiple products you need to buy cables for, click on the Omnitracs logo at the top to return to this page and begin again. This site does NOT offer cables for purchase. Instead, you will use this site as a reference guide for selecting the correct cable based on your vehicle.

Using the filters
Once you select a device below, you will be taken to a page with additional filters for you to select and choose the appropriate cable. The filters are divided by Manufacturer and year. Begin filtering by selecting your Truck Manufacturer and then selecting the truck year.

If you are unable to find the correct cable, call Omnitracs Customer Support for assistance.

To select the correct cable, verify the connector type in the truck matches the connector type of the cable in the picture.