Welcome to the Omnitracs Certifed Devices page.

Here you will find mobile devices that have passed the Omnitracs Certification Testing for use with our mobile platforms.

Certification testing
Omnitracs offers mobile device testing conducted per Wireless Carrier, as each Carrier has unique firmware that may impact performance.

Please note
We strongly recommend customers use Omnitracs certified devices. If a device is not certified or is unsupported, Omnitracs can not guarantee how it will interact with our mobile platforms. Omnitracs Customer Support is not subject to resolving issues discovered with devices that have not passed certification testing.

For information on minimum device requirements and desktop browser compatibility click here

End of Life & Unsupported Devices
As devices age and no longer receive Operating System updates from manufacturers, it becomes more challenging to keep the Omnitracs software platforms running optimally. For this reason, Omnitracs will periodically review our supported devices list and when necessary will end support for older devices. Additionally, some devices have not passed certification testing and are considered unsupported.
Please review the End of Life & Unsupported Devices list to if your device is impacted.

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