Installing CoPilot on Android Devices

This guide walks you through installing CoPilot on an Android device that is running the Roadnet Technologies, Inc. GPS based mobile application. Omnitracs Roadnet Transportation Suite customers must already have the Omnitracs MobileCast application installed. Omnitracs Roadnet Anywhere customers must have the Omnitracs Roadnet Mobile application installed. Throughout this document, the term mobile application is used to refer to either MobileCast or Roadnet Mobile, whichever application you are using. There may be slight variations for prompts and screens across different Android devices.

Mobile Device Prerequisites

Installing CoPilot® on your Mobile Device

When you install CoPilot with MobileCast or Roadnet Mobile, you should first ensure that your mobile application is running properly, then install the CoPilot application.

Preparing an SD Card for the CoPilot Installation

Before beginning the CoPilot installation, the com.alk.copilot.apk file should be saved to an SD card. The SD Card should then be installed in the mobile device.

Installing the CoPilot 9 Application

After installing the SD card, you are ready to begin the installation.
Note: Some of the available routing options for CoPilot that you define during the installation, such as routing dimensions, street settings, hazmat, and tolls are specific to your organization.