Viewing, Printing, and Emailing Receipts on iOS Mobile Devices

Note: Some steps may be different, depending on the application you are using: the Omnitracs Roadnet Transportation Suite, Omnitracs Roadnet Anywhere, Omnitracs MobileCast, or Omnitracs Roadnet Mobile.

The Roadnet Transportation Suite with MobileCast and Roadnet Anywhere with Roadnet Mobile, make it possible to view, print, and email a receipt, pickup ticket - almost any information your driver or salesperson collects and you want to make available to the customer. Using a standard template, or one that you create, MobileCast and Roadnet Mobile use the mobile devices email to send reports, while a Bluetooth printer allows the driver to print the report to leave behind with the customer. Some key points about using this enhancement:

Connecting Your Mobile Device And Printer

MobileCast and Roadnet Mobile now take advantage of Wi-Fi technology to allow drivers to print from the mobile device. By connecting a Wi-Fi printer with your iOS mobile device, you are able to print many different types of receipts and forms while out in the field, wirelessly.

If you have taken advantage of Wi-Fi technology before, then you have had to connect your device to a network connection. Similar to connecting to a private network, you must connect your mobile device to the printer’s device network.

To connect the mobile device with the Brother RJ4040 printer, turn on the printer. On the mobile device, go to Settings and select Wi-Fi.

Note: If Wi-Fi is turned off, you will need to turn it on to connect to the printer.

The mobile device looks for available networks and devices. Under the Devices section, choose Brother RJ4040. Answer Join Anyway when prompted that the Brother RJ4040 is not connected to the internet. The printer is added to the top of the Wi-Fi screen with a check beside it. To have the mobile device and printer automatically connect whenever they are within range of each other, simply tap Brother RJ4040 and turn on Auto-Join.

Note: Currently the Brother RJ4040 is the only Wi-Fi printer certified for printing with MobileCast and Roadnet Mobile.

Editing the Standard Template

Notes: A receipt template is provided with the MobileCast and Roadnet Mobile View Reports feature.

If you are using the Roadnet Transportation Suite, you can find the delivery_receipt_report.xslt file in the Transportation Suite folder where your Roadnet Transportation Suite programs are stored.

If you are using Roadnet Anywhere, you can find a link to the delivery_receipt_report.xslt file on the Working with Print Templates page in the Roadnet Anywhere help system. Right-click on the Delivery Receipt link and choose Save As. Browse to where you want to place the file and press Save.

It is recommended that you make a copy of the file before editing it.

Print templates are used by drivers when they view, print, and email information that has been collected on the mobile device. Templates present the information in a readable format, so receipts show sales information, while surveys show questions and answers. Print templates are formatted in XSLT, a stylesheet language that transforms documents into .png and HTML. Once transformed, MobileCast and Roadnet Mobile attach the file to an email on the mobile device or print to a printer.

Note: Roadnet Mobile will only attach a .png file to an email.

Using the receipt template gives your drivers a quick way to begin emailing and printing receipts. With some basic knowledge of PowerShell and HTML, you can easily modify the template to display your company logo, presenting a personalized receipt to the customer.

To change the template to show your logo, rather than the Roadnet Technologies logo, you must first convert your image to a Base64 string. Then, you will copy the string and paste it into the receipt template, over the existing logo string.

Note: Where you place your company logo is up to you, you can replace the Roadnet Technologies logo with your company logo or you can remove the Roadnet Technologies logo and determine a different location for your image on the receipt. If you remove the Roadnet Technologies logo, be sure to replace the entire img tag, from < to />.

To convert your image and place it in your receipt template: