Setting Up An Android Mobile Device

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for configuring Android mobile devices and walks you through installing the Roadnet Technologies, Inc. GPS based mobile application. Omnitracs Roadnet Transportation Suite customers will install the Omnitracs MobileCast application. Omnitracs Roadnet Anywhere customers will install the Omnitracs Roadnet Mobile application. Throughout this document, the term mobile application is used to refer to either MobileCast or Roadnet Mobile, whichever application you are installing. There may be slight variations for prompts and screens across different device models.

Mobile Device Prerequisites

Finding The Correct Setting

To find the setting you want to adjust, use the Search field on the Settings screen. Simply type in the name of the setting and select it from the list provided.

Required Device Configuration

Before you can install the mobile application on your device, you will need to make sure the items below are set as required.

Verifying the OS Version

To run the mobile application at peak performance, you should have the latest operating system version running on your mobile device.

Verifying the GPS Satellite Setting

To receive GPS information from the mobile device, the GPS services must be turned on.

Verifying Automatic Update of Date and Time

Your date and time should be set to use the date and time provided by the network.

Installing the MobileCast® or Roadnet Mobile Application Using Android Notification

Requests for MobileCast software downloads to mobile devices are submitted through the Roadnet Technologies MobileCast Management Center ( Contact Roadnet Customer Service for assistance accessing this site. First, log on to MobileCast Management Center. Then, select the device and request to republish.

Requests for Roadnet Mobile software downloads to mobile devices are submitted through Roadnet Anywhere/Omnitracs. To start the process, right-click on the mobile device in Roadnet Anywhere/Omnitracs and choose Send to Mobile Device. Note: You will receive a text message titled Once the message is received, complete the installation by following these instructions:

Installing the MobileCast® Application Using A File Explorer App

Note: The following instructions are for MobileCast users only. If you are unable to install MobileCast using the MobileCast Management Center, you can manually copy the necessary files from your PC to the device and then install it using a file explorer application.

Follow these steps to install MobileCast.

Recommended Phone Settings

Some settings you may want to change on your mobile device are mentioned below.

Changing the Display Timeout Setting

You can change how long the screen stays on when the device is inactive.

Verifying Airplane Mode is Turned Off

This setting turns off all of the devices’s radios, preventing the ability to transmit/receive calls and data.

Advanced Phone Procedures

Changing the Language Displayed on Your Mobile Device

You can choose to display menus and MobileCast in a different language on your mobile device.

Performing a Master Reset

You are able to reset all device-related settings to their factory defaults and reestablish the mobile device to the data network; this removes all information from the device. If necessary, back up your contacts to a storage card.

Un-installing the Mobile Application

The steps outlined below are for un-installing the mobile application.