ELD Mandate Driver Training Videos

Click on a list item to view a particular video. The video player will pop-up in another window so be sure to turn off your pop-up blockers. These videos are listed in a suggested order of viewing.

  Hours of Service Interface Overview Duration: 5m 43s
A tour of the Hours of Service application tabs.
  How to Log In and Log Out Duration: 2m 46s
A demonstration of how to log in and log out of the in-cab mobile unit.
  How to Maintain Your Hours of Service Logs Duration: 2m 43s
A demonstration of how to maintain your logs on the in-cab unit.
  How to Enter Load and Carrier Info Duration: 1m 26s
Load details and carrier information is required. Watch this video to learn how to enter load and carrier information and avoid a form an manner violation.
  Editing Your Logs and Dealing with Carrier Edits Duration: 3m 48s
A demonstration of how to edit your logs and what to expect when your carrier makes edits to your logs.
  Unassigned Vehicle Activity Duration: 1m 40s
All drive time is recorded and must be assigned to a driver. Watch this video to see how to reduce or eliminate unassigned vehicle activity.
  How to Record Personal Conveyance Duration: 1m 24s
Personal conveyance is drive time recorded while you're off duty. Watch a demo of how to indicate that time on your logs.
  What to Do During a Road-Side Inspection Duration: 1m 13s
An overview of your responsibilities and what to do with the in-cab unit during a road-side inspection.