MCP50 Videos

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  MCP50 Installation Video Duration: 6m 50s
An overview of how to install an MCP50.
  Accept a Unit Transfer Duration: 1m 08s
How to accept a unit transfer when you purchase hardware from a partner.
  Activate Units Duration: 1m 20s
How to activate units purchased from Omnitracs.
  Driver Log In Duration: 1m 24s
View how to log in single drivers, a team of drivers, and change drivers.
  MCP50 System Settings Duration: 1m 39s
An overview of the MCP50 system settings.
  System Features Duration: 1m 02s
An overview of the MCP50 system features.
  Send and Receive Messages Duration: 2m 17s
An overview of how to send and receive messages on the MCP50.
  Create a USB Stick for Unit Upgrades Duration: 2m 07s
A demonstration of how to download an upgrade package from the Customer Portal and create a USB stick to upgrade your units.