Intelligent Vehicle Gateway Videos

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Videos in English

  IVG Installation Duration: 9m 53s
The installation video for the IVG is a comprehensive walkthrough of the steps, tools needed, and best practices for installing the IVG in a truck.
  IVG Hardware Overview Duration: 2m 53s
An overview of the IVG, its features, and how it's used by the driver.
  How to Log In to the IVG Duration: 2m 46s
An overview of how drivers and co-drivers log into or out of the IVG.
  Messaging on the IVG Duration: 2m 49s
Messaging is a powerful tool available to our IVG users. This video guides you through how to send and receive messages on the IVG.
  IVG Settings Duration: 2m 15s
The driver may need to provide IVG parameters settings for troubleshooting or to calibrate the touchscreen. This video walks your through those settings.
  IVG System Information Duration: 2m 15s
The driver may need to provide IVG system information to technicians for troubleshooting. This video gives an overview of those settings.
  Create a USB Stick for Unit Upgrades Duration: 2m 07s
A demonstration of how to download an upgrade package from the Customer Portal and create a USB stick to upgrade your units.

Vídeos en español

  IVG Instalación Duration: 9m 53s
Procedimientos de instalación y verificación del sistema para el IVG.
  IVG Visión de Conjunto Duration: 3m 09s
Una descripción general de cómo usar el IVG.
  Iniciar Sesión y Cerrar Sesión Duration: 1m 37s
Una demostración de cómo iniciar y cerrar sesión en IVG.
  Mensajería Duration: 2m 48s
Una demostración de cómo enviar mensajes con el IVG.
  IVG Configuración Duration: 2m 10s
Una demostración de cómo configurar el IVG.
  IVG Sistema Duration: 1m 15s
Una visión general de la configuración del sistema de IVG.